Sunday School

Once there was a man who said such amazing things and did such wonderful things, that people began to follow him.  Thus starts the parable story about Jesus telling those who followed him who he was.  Jesus was very good at explaining complex topics related to God with the use of stories.  The stories Jesus used were based on things people were familiar with.  At First United Methodist Church of South Haven we use stories about God and Jesus to help educate and engage our youth.  We use a variety of curriculum tailored to the age and desires of the young people we have on Sundays.  We have a program that has been in use for many years and has been very popular, but have also used new programs to keep the interest of the kids.  One program available is our Worship Center Program. It was originally developed by a woman who was involved with the Montessori School system. The Worship Center is a special place where young children can have a worship area that is tailored to their age group.  The main part of the worship center is the stories. In the worship center, the children listen and see the stories of God and can work with them.  Whatever program we use, we keep the needs of the students at the forefront.  The leaders we have working in the program have many years' experience working with youth.  We are, however always looking for new volunteers interested in sharing the learning experience with young people about the stories that form the foundation of our faith.