Parking Lot Ministry ("PM")

FUMC is truly a "downtown" church.  Our parking lot provides precious parking spaces, especially when South Haven is holding one of its popular festivals or other special events.  Since parking is at a premium, we have found that by roping off the entrances and charging $5 to park ($10 for July 3rd fireworks) we can generate money for our church, as well as provide positive service to many visitors. Church members volunteer for the project and we have lots of fun working together on such a cool fundraiser.  The traditional days for "PM" are Harborfest, July 3rd (fireworks) and 3 days of Blueberry Festival. 

Sew Happy

Every Monday at 10 am a group meets for fellowship, prayer and sharing, and sewing and other crafts.  Most of our attendees are crocheters, but we also have our knitters, sewers, quilters and even a music person! We make things for friends and family but also coordinate making items for mission outreach like hats and scarves for winter give away and blankets for Mother's Day to go to H.O.P.E parenting support group.  This group is in its infancy and we will be adding more ideas and projects as time goes on.  We also teach others how to do various crafts so whether you are lifelong "crafty" person, or just beginning, come join us.